Production Build - Software Development


Production Build is a software development company located in Frankfurt am Main, founded by Raphael Stäbler with more than a decade of experience in professional software development. In this highly dynamic environment, new technologies and new possibilites are created on a regular basis. This allows for increasingly more efficient and more elegant solutions that encourage software developers to stay up to date.


Web Applications

Whether it's internal administration software or applications for the end user, we provide web applications to fit your specific needs.

Mobile Applications

Native applications for Android and iOS, hybrid applications and web applications for mobile devices - we offer the best solution for the most important device class.



Whether it's security updates, encrypted connections, securly stored passwords or asynchronously encrypted communication, security is always an important factor when designing a software architecture.

Latest Technology

We promise to always reevaluate existing processes and technologies and choose the ones that fit your needs best. What's worked for others may not be the best solution for you.

Quality Assurance

By using best practices like constant refactoring, automated build and deployment pipelines, code reviews as well as test driven development, we're able to provide high quality software at any time.